Tied Hard and Fast: Apache Adams - Big Bend Cowboy

by Cadden, Don


Apache Adams is somewhat of a living legend out in the Big Bend country of Texas. Born in 1937 and raised on the Rio Grande, he has lived the cowboy life most people believe ended in the 1800ís. He has been inducted into the Big Bend Cowboy Hall of Fame, given the Working Cowboy Award by the National Cowboy Symposium, the Heritage Award by the Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering, and won more buckles and saddles than he can count. But this book isnít about awards or buckles; itís about the life and adventures of a working cowboy. Ride along with Apache through the desolate canyons of the Big Bend and swim the Rio Grande horseback tracking cow thieves. Ride the river catching illegal Mexican cattle. Take a deep seat in your saddle when you rope a 2,000 pound maverick bull, get him to the ground, and tie his feet without any help.

Tied Hard and Fast isnít a bunch of tall tales. It is the compilation of a lifetime of stories and adventures told in the voice of the man who lived them. ďWe followed the dogs up into a big rock slide, and they had about a 70- to 80-pound female mountain lion treed on a big rock. The dogs had her surrounded, but none of us had any kind of a gun. So I jerked my rope down and just kinda pitched it at the lion on that rock. She swatted at the rope, and I pulled it up tight around her front paw. The mule I was riding was pretty green and, when the cat started throwing a fit with the rope on her paw, decided to take off. I jerked the lion off the rock, and then the dogs all jumped on the lion. So I was dragging a lion around in circles with a bunch of dogs chewing on her, and she was putting up a pretty good fight with three legs.Ē

Along with living these stories, Apache has shared them with audiences at the Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering, the Arizona Cowboy Poetís Gathering, the Ruidosa New Mexico Gathering, and other events across the west. Once you pick this book up, youíll say, ďIíll just read one more story and then put it down for the nightĒ...but you canít!

Outskirts Press, 169 pages
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