She Beat That Goose to Death: Stories of Nan Patton

by Whitford, Ann, editor


Following in the footsteps of her famous grandmother, Nan Patton was a storyteller extraordinaire. From "The Day the Museum Got Robbed" to "The Meanest Cop in Dallas," here are Nan Patton's mostly true tales of Texas, presented in an amusing way that was uniquely hers.

Nan Patton spent the last decade of her life at the Stillwell Store and RV Park, next to Hallie's Hall of Fame, just outside Big Bend National Park. To the tourists, campers, and locals there, she was known for her big smile, welcoming spirit, cheerful demeanor, and entertaining storytelling ability.

Nanís grandmother, Hallie Stillwell, was a pioneer ranching woman, and was a 1992 inductee in the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame. Hallieís two books, I'll Gather My Geese and My Goose Is Cooked, regaled readers with tales of her West Texas ranching days.

A spunky Stillwell descendant, Nan tells about living the life she loved on the family ranch, bringing humor and wit to the ups and downs of her life. Nan passed away in 2012, before she could finish She Beat That Goose to Death. Ann Whitford fulfilled a promise made and finished the book assisted by the many friends and family who knew and loved Nan. They contributed photos, memories, and more stories about Nan.

This compilation portrays a life well-lived. Personal and engaging, this entertaining book adds another biography to the collection of the many characters from the Big Bend area.

Bookstand Publishing, 2014
186 pages
Available in Softcover


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