Marfa and the Mystique of Far West Texas

by Slaughter, John


From the Introduction: What is it about Marfa,Texas? More and more visitors are arriving and the amount of press for such a small, remote town is astonishing. Its allure is elusive. Try describing Marfa to anyone who has never been there. It starts with confusion about the name and where itís located, eventually followed by puzzlement over the altitude (4685 feet) and climate (comfortable in August). My goal as a photographer is to reveal a bit of that mystique. Some of the subjects included in the book are: high desert landscapes, art installations, performers, local residents, indigenous flora, iconic local landmarks such as the Chinati Foundation, El Cosmico and the McDonald Observatory.

About the Author: John Slaughter has been a professional and exhibiting photographer for over forty years. He currently divides his time between Grand Coteau, Louisiana, and Marfa, Texas, two entirely contrasting environments on nearly the same latitude.


University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press, 128 pages

Available in hardcover


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