Carlton Leatherwood's Big Bend People: Terlingua Edition

by Leatherwood, Carlton


This book may change your whole outlook on Terlingua, a small texas community near the border of Mexico, widely known for its chili cook-offs. But the populace is so much more diverse—spirited, intelligent, and self-reliant. Within these covers you will meet many of them: a classical artist who plays up to fifty hours weekly, a band called The Rocky Top Alien Breeding Experiment, a keen observer of the rough and tumble land who holds a degree in four sciences, a silversmith who owns three AR-15s for sport and competition, a pioneer in social media who has logged more than a million miles on a BMW motorcycle, and Brown Dog, the community canine who belongs to no one but is loved and cared for by everyone.

All told, there are some sixty folks within these pages whose interests range from gardening in the desert, to hiking, to letterpress printing, to music, and to writing. Outlaws, some would say. Hardly!

Carlton Leatherwood lived a newspaper career in Houston and now frolics with desert denizens under Terlingua sun and starry dark skies for the Alpine Daily Planet. He offers insights into the people that give the Big Bend of Texas its texture and flavor.

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216 pages
Available in softcover


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