Dead Man's Boots

by Dearen, Patrick


Clay Andrews is like a dead man, adrift in an uncaring dark. But he's also searching, and in 1869 he rides to the Pecos River to find an explanation for his sister's death back in Central Texas, and perhaps even the person responsible.

But one enters this no-man's-land at his own peril. Comanches are on the prowl, and Mescalero Apaches range all the way to the mysterious Guadalupe Mountains.

In a dead man's boot, Clay finds a map to rumored gold in the Guadalupes. When Comanches approach, he flees upriver and finds Lil Casner, someone who has her own secrets, along with other a mysterious cowboy and a shiftless cowhand.

For Clay, the answers will never come unless he rides into a mountain range where Indian spirits may guard a golden hoard.

The author of twenty-three books, Patrick Dearen is a former award-winning reporter for two West Texas newspapers. Dearen has produced nonfiction books such as A Cowboy of the Pecos and Bitter Waters: The Struggles of the Pecos River. His research has led to thirteen novels and various accolades including winner of the Spur Award of Western Writers of America, the Peacemaker Award of Western Fictioneers, the Fiction Book of the Year Award from Academy of Western Artists, and the Elmer Kelton Award from West Texas Historical Association.


Five Star Publishing, 265 pages

Available in hardcover


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