by Dearen, Patrick


It was 1932, the depths of the Great Depression, and thousands of desperate people rode the rails in search of jobs, homes and hope. For some, the track was a road to nowhere, a dead end in a boxcar or under the wheels or in a sea of emptiness. Their fate seemed certain - until Ish Watson grabbed the rungs of a passing freight train bound for a diving relative on the Texas Gulf Coast.

He brought with him the traits bestowed by his rural upbringing - faith, conviction, dedication. But now he faced thundering wheels ready to mutilate and knife-wielding hobos restless to kill, a barreling train anxious to derail and railway "bulls" itching to shoot. Only here in life's trenches whould he meet up with the dregs of society: the wayward and the runaways, the dope addicts and prostitutes, the winows and criminals. The locomotive's black smoke drifted back down the line to cover them all like a shourd, but it was more than death they faced - for this train would not stop until it carried them all to their destinies.

And their only hope lay in Ish's perserverance.

This provocative novel, by a finalist for the Spur Award of Western Writers of America, may well challenge your perspective on life.

Eakin Press, 131 pages
Available in softcover


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