One Bloody Shirt at a Time: Deputy Ricos #1

by Garcia, Elizabeth A.


Margarita Ricos is not just any deputy. She's smart. She's courageous. She's a twenty-five-year-old Chicana with attitude who grew up on the edge of the United States in Terlingua, Texas. There, the peoples and cultures of two countries are blended, more than separated, by the once-fierce Rio Grande.

Terlingua is an unincorporated settlement built around a mercury mining ghost town of the same name. It lies in the southern part of Brewster County, the largest county in the largest state in the lower forty-eight. It has more square miles than inhabitants; and more mountains than you can count: tall, short, wide, narrow, jagged, round, naked, stunning mountains.

Margarita and her partner, Deputy Barney George, are entrusted with preserving the peace and upholding the law in a land where flowers and people grow wild.

Crime in south Brewster County is seldom violent, and usually does not come in the form of murder or rape. Yet Norma Bates, a married, forty-five-year-old, mother of three, is found dead on her kitchen floor, lying in a pool of blood. There is a single stab wound in her chest.

Deputy Ricos is about to conduce an interview about the mruder when she receives a call from the sheriff. He says he has a couple from Terlingua in his office claiming their fourteen-year-old daughter was raped. Since Margarita is young, and known to the girl, perhaps she can get her to open up. The deputy is stunned by the sheriff's news. Murder and now rape what is going on in Terlingua?

As the deputies work to solve both crimes, a sinister presence approaches Margarita in her home in the dark. Is it the murder suspect, or the unknown rapist, or a different kind of threat altogether?

CreateSpace, 278 pages
Available in softcover


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