Ginger Quill

by Burnett, Kay Taylor

Mae Maguire flees across two states to get away from a crazed ex-husband. She settles in her friend's fishing cabin on the Rio Grande River in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where she hopes to pursue her art and find a new beginning. She befriends an attractive German neighbor, a hydrologist with a secret past. Just when Mae begins to feel at home, a break-in shatters her newfound peace and evidence mounts that someone is watching her every move. Mae's adventures bring her into direct contact with the harsh realities of nature. When she happens across information worse than she could ever have imagined, her survival skills are tested as are her relationships.

Kay Taylor Burnett is from Alpine, Texas. She is a Fellow at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business (EPNL), a long time Santa Fe Institute Trustee, and a founder of Marfa Public Radio. She has been living in Naples, Florida since her retirement as a newspaper publisher and magazine editor.

iUniverse, 170 pages
Available in softcover and hardcover

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