Steer Branded Murder

by Scobee, Barry


Some believe the steer still roams the Glass Mountains of Brewster County - claiming the specter of a calf with MURDER branded in it's side can often been seen at various sites where violence and murder occurred.

An account of the killing of Henry Powe by Fine Gilliland and the manhunt by Texas rangers of Gilliland. Includes the text of a letter by Powe's son who was present at the murder. With some information on John Wesley Hardin, Mannen Clements, Jim Miller, and John Selman.

The true and authentic account of a frontier tragedy. Documented by eye witnesses, it presents the story of cattle-men, cowboys, and the cattle-country of Far Western Texas.

This small paperback is a commemorative, reprinted and limited edition of Barry Scobee's interpretation of the events occuring in the rangeland between Alpine and Fort Stockton, Texas, in 1891.

Fort Davis Historical Society, 59 pages
Available in softcover


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