Texas Caves

by Pittman, Blair

Texas has about three thousand known, explored caves, ranging in size from small crawlways to huge caverns. Texas Caves introduces this seldom-seen world, providing basic cave geology and biology, a description of the seven show caves that have been opened and developed for public visiting, and information on state speleological parks.

The engaging text as well as one hundred full-color and black-and-white photographs reveal the glories of Texas caves, "wild" as well as commercial, showing different types of cave formations, the creatures that live in them, and the people who explore them.

Caving experiences from cave photographer Blair Pittman, cave discoverer Orion Knox, cave developer Jack Burch, and commercial cave manager Jim Brummett bring to life places that house the hidden beauties that lie beneath the surface of Texas.

Texas Speleological Association Chair Gill Ediger adds his thoughts on what it means to be a caver and how cavers, cave owners, and the general public are all involved in the conservation of cave resources.

Texas Caves offers a deeper understanding of the underground world of caves and an invitation to those who wish to explore a new dimension of Texas' natural history.

Texas A&M University Press, 144 pages
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