Texas: Ghost Towns, Gas Stations, and a 20-Foot Cowboy

by Knox, Jack


Stretching from its Great Plains in the Panhandle to its 367 miles of coastline, Texas is one of the most diverse and expansive state in the US. In Texas: Ghost Towns, Gas Stations, and a 20-foot Cowboy, the adventurous reader will explore a vast collection of images that capture the allure of timeworn buildings and landmarks through the lens of photographer Jack Knox. Divided into the seven regions of Texas, this set of photographs features antiquated theaters, gas stations, cars, barns, boats, farmhouses, and more, with a focus on the beautiful rust and decay that will eventually consume so many of these majestic icons from our past.

Jack Knox has a deep love for the amazing variety in everything Texas. His vision is to share "the quaint, the curious, and the unusual" with anyone who has an interest in Texas, road tripping, historic structures, beautiful decay and/or photography. Jack and his wife spent thousands of hours over eight years traveling the back country roads of Texas to gather this collection of unusual roadside oddities and attractions. He has won various awards from Black and White and Color Magazine, including multiple page portfolio spreads; New York Center for Photographic Art; Texas Photographic Society Publication; and Studio 2 Gallery, Austin, Texas.


John M. Hardy Publishing, Inc, 136 pages

Available in hardcover


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