Mammals of Trans-Pecos

by Schmidly, David


Ninety-six species of mammals are native to the Trans-Pecos region of Texas that portion of the state which lies west of the Pecos River and contains the main representation of the Chihuahuan Desert in the United States in addition to Texas' only true mountains. The greatly varied terrain, climate, and vegetation of the Tras-Pecos make its mammal life exceptionally varied as well. In the region may be found mammals ranging from tiny shrews to great elks, from bats to aquatic beavers and muskrats, from desert-dwelling kangaroo rats to forest-loving chipmunks, and from timid mice and rates to predatory cougars and coyotes.

The Mammals of Trans-Pecos Texas is intended to provide a guide to the identification of these animals and to summarize important facts about their lives. Nearly every speicias is illustrated with accurate, detailed pen-and-ink drawings by artist Chester O. Martin. The account of each species in the text is arranged to contains (1) a brief description of the mammals, with emphasis on its distinguishing features and size; (2) the geographic distribution of the species, with reference to an accompanying distribution map; and (3) a discussion of some of the basic life history of the mammal, including habitat preferences, reproduction, and food habits.

In order to benefit the layman as well as the professional biologist, easy-to-follow mammalian orders, families, and species are provided. A glossary of scientific terms used in the text is included, and literature citations are given by number in the text according to a numbered reference list. In addition, two appendixes contain a list of specimens examined by the author in collections throughout the United States and the scientific and common names of all plants referred to in the text.

Texas A&M University, 240 pages
Available in softcover


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