Steps into God's Country

by Smith, Russell S.


Steps into Godís Country begins with a child just learning about nature and ends with an adult who respects the land and what it has to offer. Russell Smith shows us how families teach their children about how to provide for themselves and their families while protecting the balance of nature. Heartwarming stories about growing up that move on to stories about the experiences and dangers of communing with nature. Sharing his experiences in Godís country with family, friends and strangers, Mr. Smith brings the reader into his world of hunting, fishing and the outdoors, and why he loves it.

Learn, laugh, cry and enjoy as Russell guides you on a journey through one little boyís outdoor adventures as he becomes a grown man with children and grandchildren of his own. ďI had a strong desire to get outside as a child and I didnít realize it was probably just something in my genes all along,Ē said Russell. Have you ever seen a solid white jackrabbit in the wild? You will within the pages of Steps into Godís Country. You will learn how the image was captured on film. Do you like to hunt and fish? The pages are filled with those accounts. If you enjoy history, there are pages and photos about families that crossed paths after they came to America to find their dreams. Included are accounts from the American Revolution to a life along Montell and Cedar Creeks and the Nueces River in Uvalde County, Texas. Do you recognize the names of Daniel Boone and Thomas Jefferson? They are there too. Have an interest in the American cowboy? Read Steps into Godís Country.

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 400 pages
Available in softcover


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