Geology of Big Bend Ranch State Park, Texas

by Henry, Christopher D.


Big Bend Ranch State Park, the largest in the Texas State Parks System, lies in the rugged Big Bend country of West Texas. The primary attraction of Big Bend country is its scenery—the mountains, canyons, plateaus, rivers, and waterfalls—every aspect of which has formed through geologic processes. These processes, including mountain building, volcanism, faulting, and erosion, have shaped the land into the rich vistas we enjoy today.

This guidebook to the geology of Big Bend Ranch State Park, produced by the Bureau of Economic Geology, covers the basic geologic concepts and processes involved in the evolution of this unique landscape and explores the formation of prominent geologic features (such as the Bofecillos Mountains, Closed Canyon, and the Solitario) within the park. Also included is a glossary and an accompanying geologic map.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Press, 72 pages
Available in softcover


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