Mysteries of the Marfa Lights Revealed (Black/White Edition)

by Wagers, Robert and Judy


Eyewitnesses to the mysterious lights around Marfa, Texas report that they may appear out of nowhere, move up and down, change colors, merge, separate, and even chase cars. What are they—UFOs, atmospheric anomalies, optical illusions, or something else? For over 100 years, these so-called Marfa Lights have baffled experts and amateurs alike—until now. Mysteries of the Marfa Lights Revealed is the first book to present a detailed examination of light phenomena and their applicability to mysterious light displays seen throughout the world—including those of the famous Marfa Lights in the Big Bend region of southwest Texas.

Scientist Robert Wagers and his wife Judy explore the history, science, geography, and meteorology contributing to these mysterious light phenomena. Their entertaining book traces the history of the mysterious lights from the earliest reports in the late 1800s up to modern times. Elements of science are combined with first-hand accounts of unexpected light behavior to unravel the truth. Written in a conversational style that assumes only basic scientific knowledge, Mysteries of the Marfa Lights Revealed is for everyone who is curious about mysterious lights no matter where they appear on earth. The book is exceptionally well illustrated. Thirty-two magnificent pictures graphically illustrate the subjects being discussed, and provocative vignettes introduce each chapter. Eight maps present unique details of the Marfa environs as well as the Big Bend region of Texas.

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