Madera Valley 1870-1970: Irrigation Water to Drinking Water

by Chandler, Darlene Ellison


Colorado (PRWEB) March 06, 2014:
Author Darlene Ellison Chandlerís love for her home inspired her to chronicle the history of the Madera Valley in the same vein as the written histories of the surrounding areas, like Fort Davis, Fort Stockton and Pecos. Her book, Madera Valley 1870 to 1970: Irrigation Water to Drinking Water, is the story of her home, and the home of countless others, and the intrinsic role water played in shaping the community for over a century.

As the water flows, so does the story of the Madera Valley in Reeves County from the year 1870 to 1970. Chandler traces the history of the place from the Native Americans, Hispanics, and settlers who came into the valley. The valley had plenty of water for irrigation, but drinkable water was not obtained for the whole valley until 1970. The book is unique in that the history from 1906 to 1915 comes from a letter written from E. D. Balcom, the founder of Balmorhea, Tx., to the author. In her book, some of the history of the schools, churches, and individuals who lived during these first one hundred years are also described briefly.

Madera Valley 1870 to 1970 is a regional history book that will appeal to people who live in the titular area, or those with kinfolks who lived there.

Xlibris, 470 pages
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