Grazers of the Texas Hills

by Kelley, Jack A.;Mungall, Elizabeth Cary


This book finally makes available a full discussion of Jack A. Kelley's landmark study covering all seasons for food habits of a whole selection of the most common hoofed wildlife species living together in a typical rangeland pasture. Diets of all the major Texas Hill Country hoofed wildlife species are examined—both exotics and native.

For owners of exotics, this book shows what it really takes to keep exotics and native white-tailed deer together without degrading their range.

For ranch managers, Kelley gives a straight forward how-to for range evaluation as an aid for balancing animal numbers with carrying capacity.

For students, the authors tell the trade-offs as well as the thechniques for setting up one's food habits sampling.

For agency and university personnel, co-author Elizabeth Cary Mungall expands the discussion to include additional animals and to explore the underlying nature of the feeding strategy for each species. Mungall does this by comparing Kelley's work with other studies.

For everyone concerned with animals anywhere, the book's message is important. Kelley's example can be followed as a model for stewardship in many different places with many different combinations of animals.

Second Ark Foundation in collaboration with the Exotic Wildlife Association
158 pages
Available in softcover


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