Grasses of the Trans-Pecos & Adjacent Areas

by Powell, A. Michael


In the mountains and open spaces of Trans-Pecos Texas grow some 268 of the 530 species of grasses that flourish in Texas. The vast grasslands they form at mid elevations in the mountain basins and on plateaus for centuries provided natural grazing range for herds of wild buffalo and today support thousands of head of cattle.

This book is the first guide to concentrate on the grasses of this region, over 200 of which also grow in the Texas Plains country, Edwards Plateau, and South Plains, as well as New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arizona, and northern Mexico. Designed as much for a general audience as for the specialist, it covers the uses, natural history, and morphology of grasses. The 268 species treatments include botanical descriptions, keys, and drawings for identification. The author also gives information on specific ranges for the forage value for livestock and wildlife for most species.

For visitors to the Big Bend and Guadalupe Mountains National Parks, as well as ranchers, range managers, wildlife biologists, ecologists, and environmental consultants, this book highlights the biological wealth of our natural grasslands.

"... ground breaking ... the first grass book generally available for the vast Trans-Pecos region of Texas .... It will be an important educational tool and is likely to be a part of every land manager's library."
? David Riskind Director, Natural Resources Program Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

"Dr. Powell's book has been one of my favorite references and my most useful field guide since it was first published in 1994. The keys to the species are the backbone of this book. They are well written and easily understood, but most important, they can be used in the field in most cases, since they rely on gross physical characteristics that don't require more than a 10x hand lens. This makes the book a true field guide, essential to the amateur plant enthusiast interested in the extensive grasslands of the Trans-Pecos."
? Pat McNeal, Native Plant Grower in Useful Wild Plants

Iron Mountain Press, 377 pages
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