Night of the Grasshopper Mouse

by Ruggia, Chris


Alpine-based cartoonist Chris Ruggia has published his natural history comedy adventure comic, Jack: Adventures in Texas' Big Bend, for several years on the internet at His desert animal characters now appear in an all-new print adventure: Night of the Grasshopper Mouse

Night of the Grasshopper Mouse features Jack (a black-tailed jackrabbit) and Mel (a kangaroo rat), as well as pocket mice, a burrowing owl, and the mysterious and deadly grasshopper mouse. The characters, while obviously distorted into talking-cartoon form, are based wherever possible on their actual species' behaviors, diets, life cycles, etc.

The story is appropriate for all ages. Rave reviews have been received from 3-year-old as well as 60-year-old readers.

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Chris Ruggia, 28 pages
Available in softcover


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