Jack: Adventures in Texas' Big Bend, Part 2: Alone and Adrift

by Ruggia, Chris


In part two of Jack's adventures, he's lost, he's hungry, and his only friend (Mel, a kangaroo rat) is in an underground burrow, sleeping the day away. So Jack is alone again, wandering the Chihuahuan Desert looking for food and hoping he's fast enough to outrun the next predator who tries to eat him, and then the next, and the next...

Mel doesn't know what to do. He just woke up to find himself thrust out into the world, and his only friend (Jack, a black-tailed jackrabbit) is nowhere to be found.

So Mel is on his own for the first time, wandering the desert and looking for a new place to call home. Perhaps he'll survive, if he can keep his imagination from running away from him...

Open up to read the continuing saga of Jack and Mel and find out if they dodge predators to live another day. This comic series is based on the real animals in and around Big Bend National Park.

Vast Graphics, 24 pages
Available in softcover


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