Cutting for Sign

by Langewiesche, William


The border between the United States and Mexico extends 1,951 miles. Among the people who live along it are a migrant laborer huddled in a makeshift camp, a Chicano cowpuncher, a Pima Indian who makes his living tracking drug smugglers across the desert, and the millions crowded along the border in Mexicali

In this beautifully written, unerringly insightful book, William Langewiesche, a correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly, allows us to see this boundary in all its political, moral, and emotional complexity. Whether he is patroling the border with officers of the U.S. Immigration Services, watching the "drug blimp" in Marfa Texas, or talking with the desperate men and women who cross it every day, reviewing its history of brigandage and invasion or predicting its future in an age of dwindling water supplies and unfettered trade, Langewiesche is always engaged in what trackers call "cutting for sign" - reading the marks that human beings have made on this contested land and decoding the meaning they hold for the rest of us. He succeeds brilliantly, hauntingly - and unforgettably.

Vintage Books U.S.A., 256 pages
Available in softcover


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