Not Between Brothers

by Wilkinson, David Marion


Winner – 1997 Violet Crown Fiction Award
Finalist – 1996 Spur Award – Best Novel of the West
Editor’s Choice – Review of Texas Books

An epic that spans a crucial period of American westward expansion, Not Between Brothers is the bloody and gripping tale of the birth of the Lone Star State. Comprising a large cast of characters that includes memorable historical figures such as Stephen Austin and Sam Houston, the novel takes a balanced look at the forces that helped transform Texas from a depository for undesirables into the most fiercely contested territory of its time. The novel unfolds through the eyes and experience of Remy Fuqua, an orphan whose understanding of his fellow man is almost as great as his predilection for battle and his fierce national pride. When he marries a well-born Tejana, Beatriz Amarante de la Cruz, Fuqua is tempted to abandon the world he comes from until a tragic loss catapults him straight to the front lines in the battle for Texan independence—the landmark battle of San Jacinto.

Not Between Brothers is also the story of the fearless Comanche warrior Kills White Bear, whose distrust of the white man turns to enmity when a virulent smallpox plague brought by white traders wipes out his family and decimates his people. His vendetta eventually and inexorably makes Remy his greatest enemy. As the two men stalk each other across the Texas prairie, their struggle pits nation against nation, husband against wife and, unforgettably, brother against brothers.

David Wilkinson’s first novel is a rich tapestry that captures the risks men and women took by staking their claim to a frontier that already belonged to another people and what price they were willing to pay to realize their own territorial imperative.

Boaz Publishing, 645 pages
Available in softcover


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