Boquillas Crossing

by Williams, Rawles


It is January of 1915 when destiny and a dangerous scheme bring two former West Point classmates together once again. Samuel Jenkins has lured Daniel Taylor to Terlingua, Texas, with the promise of earning high wages at a quicksilver mine. Although Taylor suspects Jenkins' motives, he has no idea that Jenkins is secretly hoping to involve him in a fraudulent deal to rob Pancho Villa of his remaining wealth before the war ends.

Upon arriving, Taylor forms a tenuous friendship with a na´ve commander who is awed by Taylor's experiences, yet disturbed by his relationship with infamous war profiteers. It is not long before Lieutenant Jack Thompson is ordered to assist Marshal Navarro, who repeatedly uses the young commander and his soldiers as violent instruments of his unique form of border justice. Ultimately, when Navarro bushwhacks Taylor and Jenkins during the Second Punitive Expedition into Mexico, the Lieutenant is forced to make an agonizing choice between duty and friendship.

Populated with dynamic characters drawn from the 1910 Mexican Revolution, Boquillas Crossing weaves a lively tale of adventure, deception, and love as it celebrates monumental historical events and the natural beauty of the Big Bend region of far west Texas.

iUniverse, 248 pages
Available in softcover


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