Darker Than Black: Deputy Ricos #3

by Garcia, Elizabeth A.


Darker than Black continues the adventures of Deputy Margarita Ricos in the third volume of The Deputy Ricos Tales.

Before the sun has a chance to rise on the majesty of Big Bend country, sheriff’s deputies Ricos and George are called to the Rio Grande near the Texas resort town of Lajitas, where there is an informal crossing point. A dead body has been found at the edge of the river on the U.S. side. Later that day, a severed foot is reported by fishermen farther upstream. Then there’s a burning wreck, a series of break-ins, and a new truck is stolen. A large stash of cocaine is discovered. Then another.

“Stereotypical Mexican drug dealers” are seen hanging out in the Ghost Town. A handsome special agent from the D.E.A. comes to town. The deputies are soon overwhelmed with the amount of crime taking place in their normally serene community.

As Deputy Barney says to Deputy Margarita, “What in Lawman Hell?”

Can these crimes possibly be related? Who is behind the millions of dollars worth of drugs? Where is the rest of the body belonging to the feet? Will Deputy Ricos ever date again? What’s up with the break-ins? Who would steal a truck in such a small place? Why is Margarita accused of protecting a Vietnam veteran everyone else thinks is crazy and dangerous? How does she end up running for her life in a Mexican town? Come along for the ride and find out.

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288 pages
Available in softcover


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