Last Train to El Paso

by Lobdill, Jerry J.


In 1917 the contract murder of Thomas Lyons, owner of the largest ranch in the United States, created a sensation in west Texas.

Accounts say Lyons was lured to El Paso from his ranch in Grant County, New Mexico, on apparent business and assassinated soon after arriving at the train station. The hit man was convicted but later pardoned, and although the co-conspirators were identified, the charges were dismissed. A motive for the crime was never asserted, and the case was closed, unsolved, sinking into obscurity. For nearly 100 years, no one knew the truth of what happened or why the conspirators were not brought to justice.

In Last Train to El Paso: The Mysterious Unsolved Murder of a Cattle Baron, Lobdill delves into this long-forgotten event and discovers murder-for-hire, intrigue, and cover-up. The book presents an in-depth study of the murder and the injustices done inside and outside the courts. It ultimately unravels the tangled web that was spun in the dark places of Western history.

Cross Timbers Press, 288 pages
Available in softcover


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