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Human Osteology & Mortuary Practices in East Trans-Pecos Region Human Osteology & Mortuary Practices in East Trans-Pecos Region
by Piehl, Jennifer
Price: $20.00

This monograph presents an osteological and mortuary analysis for the eastern Trans-Pecos region of Texas. The work was undertaken for the Center for ... more info

Hummingbird's Daughter Hummingbird's Daughter
by Urrea, Luis Alberto
Price: $14.99

The prizewinning writer Luis Alberto Urrea's long-awaited novel is an epic mystical drama of a young woman's sudden sainthood in late 19th-century ... more info

Hummingbirds of North America Hummingbirds of North America
by Homel, Greg R.
Price: $7.95

Hummingbirds of North America is a quick and easy to use, light-weight, durable, all-weather field guide to the smallest, and some of the most ... more info

I'll Gather My Geese I'll Gather My Geese
by Stillwell, Hallie
Price: $19.95

The New York Times identified Hallie Stillwell (1897?1997) as a "rancher and a Texas legend." As readers of her autobiography know, she became a ... more info

Ignore Everybody Ignore Everybody
by MacLeod, Hugh
Price: $23.95

Hugh MacLeod's acclaimed blog Gaping Void draws 1.5 million visitors a month, and his ebook, How to Be Creative, has been downloaded more than a ... more info

In the Shadow of the Carmens In the Shadow of the Carmens
by McKinney, Bonnie Reynolds
Price: $39.95

Signed copies available for a limited time, order now! Just across the Rio Grande from West Texas in the state of Coahuila, Mexico, the mountain ... more info

Inspiration Texas Style Inspiration Texas Style
by Meinzer, Wyman
Price: $35.00

Many Texans are proud of their state. The people, the places, the ideals and hearts all come together in a magnitude of pride exhibited toward the ... more info

Inspiritu Jewelry Inspiritu Jewelry
by French, Marie
Price: $24.99

Discover the power of creating unique pieces of adornment with the intention to heal. Inside Inspiritu you will turn pages borrowed from a dusty ... more info

Into the Beautiful North Into the Beautiful North
by Urrea, Luis Alberto
Price: $14.99

Nineteen-year-old Nayeli works at a taco shop in her Mexican village and dreams about her father, who journeyed to the US to find work. Recently, it ... more info

Jack: Adventures in Texas' Big Bend, Part 2: Alone and Adrift Jack: Adventures in Texas' Big Bend, Part 2: Alone and Adrift
by Ruggia, Chris
Price: $5.00

In part two of Jack's adventures, he's lost, he's hungry, and his only friend (Mel, a kangaroo rat) is in an underground burrow, sleeping the day ... more info

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